Swords of the North

REH Foundation Press, November 2014. Cover by Aaron Miller. Introduction by Rusty Burke. First printing limited to 200 copies.


The Gods of Bal-Sagoth

Originally published in Weird Tales, October 1931.

Published as “The Blond Goddess of Bal-Sagoth” in Avon Fantasy Reader #12 (Avon, 1950) and The Second Avon Fantasy Reader (Avon, 1969).

People of the Dark

Originally published in Strange Tales, June 1932.

Features Conan the Reaver, not generally considered to be the same character as Howard’s more famous Conan of Cimmeria, although he is quite similar.

The Valley of the Worm

Originally published in Weird Tales, February 1934.



Genseric’s Son (unfinished)

Published as “Genseric’s Fifth Born Son” in Fantasy Crossroads #10/11 (Stygian Isle Press, March 1977) as the first part of a round-robin tale completed in the 1970s by a number of authors including Karl Edward Wagner, Joseph Brennan, Richard L. Tierney, Michael Moorcock, Charles R. Saunders, Andrew J. Offutt, Manly Wade Wellman, Darrell Schwietzer, A. E. Van Vogt, Brian Lumley, Frank Belknap Long, Adrian Cole, Ramsey Campbell, H. Warner Munn, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Richard A. Lupoff.

Original fragment first published in Swords of the North (REH Foundation Press, November 2014).