The Conquering Sword of Conan

Del Rey, 2005. Illustrated by Gregory Manchess. Reprinted in a deluxe limited edition as The Complete Conan of Cimmeria Volume 3 by Book Palace/Wandering Star in 2010.


Beyond the Black River

Originally published in Weird Tales, May and June 1935.

The Black Stranger

First published in Fantasy Magazine volume 1, issue 1, February 1953.

This story was rewritten by Howard as “Swords of the Red Brotherhood” with Conan replaced with Terence Vulmea.

This story was also rewritten by L. Sprague de Camp as “The Treasure of Tranicos” and first published in Conan the Usurper (Lancer, 1967).

The Man-Eaters of Zamboula

Originally published as “Shadows in Zamboula” in Weird Tales, November 1935.

Red Nails

Originally published in Weird Tales, July, August-September and October 1936.

The Servants of Bit-Yakin

Originally published as “Jewels of Gwahlur” in Weird Tales, March 1935.