Conan the Usurper

Lancer, 1967; Sphere, 1974 & 1989; Prestige, 1977; Ace, 1981. Cover by Frank Frazetta. Reprinted numerous times by several publishers between 1966 and 1994. All editions have the Frazetta cover with varying graphics and borders. Out of print.

The Black Stranger” appears here as “The Treasure of Tranicos,” rewritten by L. Sprague de Camp. “Wolves Beyond the Border” completed by de Camp.


The Black Stranger

First published in Fantasy Magazine volume 1, issue 1, February 1953.

This story was rewritten by Howard as “Swords of the Red Brotherhood” with Conan replaced with Terence Vulmea.

This story was also rewritten by L. Sprague de Camp as “The Treasure of Tranicos” and first published in Conan the Usurper (Lancer, 1967).

The Phoenix on the Sword

Originally published in Weird Tales, December 1932.