King Kull

Lancer, 1967 (cover by Roy Krenkel); Sphere, 1976 (cover by Christos Achilléos). Reprinted several times by Lancer between 1967 and 1973, with varying title graphics, and once by Sphere in 1976. Out of print.

Includes portions of Howard’s essay “The Hyborian Age” in a prologue at the beginning and epilogue at the end. “The Black City” published here as “Black Abyss,” and untitled fragment (“Three men sat…”) published here as “Wizard and Warrior,” both completed by Lin Carter.


The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune

Originally published in Weird Tales, September 1929.

The Shadow Kingdom

Originally published in Weird Tales, August 1929. First published Kull of Atlantis story.



The Hyborian Age (essay)

First published in The Phantagraph, serialized over three issues, February, August & October 1936.