Lancer, 1968; Sphere, 1974 & 1989; Prestige, 1977; Ace, 1981. Cover by Frank Frazetta. Reprinted numerous times by several publishers between 1967 and 1990. All editions have the Frazetta cover with varying graphics and borders. Out of print.

Untitled fragment (“The battlefield stretched silent…”) completed by Lin Carter and published here as “The Hand of Nergal.” “The Hall of the Dead” (synopsis) completed by L. Sprague de Camp. This collection also includes two Conan stories written by de Camp and Carter, “The Thing in the Crypt” and “The City of Skulls.”


Rogues in the House

Originally published in Weird Tales, January 1934.

The Tower of the Elephant

Originally published in Weird Tales, March 1933.